Presentation about SIL certificates

Presentation about SIL certificates

SIL safequards are safety-critical; incorrect functioning can lead to very serious consequences. It must be ensured that the integrity of all instruments / components that are part of a SIL safeguard is good.

SIS life-cycle

SIS life-cycle checklist

Consiltant has made an overview of the SIS life-cycle in an useful checklist. This document provides an overview of typical Functional Safety activities and documents based on IEC 61511:2017. The overview can be used to …

SIS maintenance system

SIS maintenance system

Instrumental safeguards in the process industry require periodic maintenance and testing. Consiltant BV has developed a handy and free tool for the maintenance engineer.

Liquid evaporation - Verdamping

Health effects due to evaporation of liquids

When liquids are spilled somewhere, the liquid vapor can have a (negative) effect on human health. Various factors play a role in this evaporation, for example vapor pressure, threshold limit values and dispersion. During a …

SIL 4 Functional Safety Management (FSM) certificate

Functional Safety Management System certified

In 2018, Consiltant BV issued its Functional Safety Management System to Dekra for certification. This management system particularly assurances the competence of our consultants and the way in which we execute our projects. In the …