HAZOP Hazard & Operability Study

Industrial plant

HAZOP (Hazard & Operability Study) is the method for a systematic hazard identification of process installations. The identification of hazards is a standard part of a safety management system. Depending on the risks of the installations it is also required by Labour Inspectorate.

The quality of a HAZOP study is mainly determined by the knowledge and experience of the HAZOP team and the HAZOP chairman. Consiltant BV has employed experienced HAZOP chairmen. They guarantee a proper HAZOP study.

HAZOP standard(IEC 61882)

Link to SIL classification or LOPA

It is obvious to consider the risks of identified scenarios during a HAZOP study as well, for example with LOPA or SIL classification. It determines the need for (further) safeguards. The framework for this is stated in the CCPS Standards.

The HAZOP-method

The method uses HAZOP guide words for the various process parameters (eg more pressure, lower temperature). The method comes from the chemical industry (ICI) and is described in standard IEC 61882.

Most companies in the process industry require, that a HAZOP study is performed at the design stage of an installation and during major changes in the installation. Also for existing installations periodically HAZOP studiess are carried out. HAZOP is playing an increasingly important role in improving security and increasing reliability. The HAZOP is also a method to identify unwanted scenarios where the safeguards should establish a reliability as stated by the SIL classification.
Knowledge and experience in applying the HAZOP method and the ability of the chairman to let the team think beyond the usual thinking patterns, are essential for the desired result of the HAZOP study.

The HAZOP-session

Consiltant BV provides both an experienced HAZOP team leader/scribe. The results of the HAZOP sessions are presented in a report that include the worksheets and a list of recommendations. Consiltant BV preferably uses the software package filemanager of Lihou Technical Software Services for the facilitation of HAZOP studies and other equivalent identification and evaluation studies.
We performed HAZOP studies for:

  • Chemical plants
  • Oil & Gas
  • Utility plants
  • Food sector