HIPPS verification

Schematische weergave van een instrumentele beveiliging (HIPPS)
Schematische weergave van een instrumentele beveiliging (HIPPS)

HIPPS verification

A HIPPS is a High-integrity pressure protection system. This is an independent instrumental protection that prevents overpressure in a system. Often a HIPPS must meet the requirements of SIL 2 or SIL 3.

A SIL verification must be carried out for each HIPPS, in accordance with IEC 61511 and IEC 61508 standards. Hereby the following items are verified:

  • Identification of safeguard. It is wise to make a schematic drawing with all the relevant sensors, components and final elements.
  • Verifying the functionality of the safeguard.
  • Determine whether the safeguard is separated from the system.
  • Check against the architectural requirements (eg is one valve sufficient?).
  • Check to the probabilistic requirements (calculation of probability of failure on demand).
  • Check for systematic faults.

It is highly recommended to make taylor-made test procedures during design phase.

Consiltant BV carries out many HIPPS design verifications for Mokveld, among others.