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Consiltant BV offers its services in the field of process safety. The diagram below shows a schematic representation of how process safety can look from start to finish. Consiltant BV is mainly active in supporting companies with the thick-lined steps, but can also provide advice on the other aspects.

Schematic representation of process safety.

Hazard identification – HAZOP

Consiltant BV can help you perform a hazard identification. Various methodologies can be used, with HAZOPFMEA and What-if being well-known examples. HAZOP (Hazard & Operability Study) is the method for systematic hazard identification of process installations. Consiltant BV provides experienced HAZOP chairmen (or HAZOP facilitators) who can help you to map the dangers of an installation.

Risk analysis – LOPA & SIL classification

There are various risk analysis methodologies such as SIL classification , the risk graph and the risk matrix. Nowadays the LOPA (Layers Of Protection Analysis) method is widely used within the industry . During a LOPA study, the potential causes (Initiating Events) and consequences can be determined of a potential hazard or an undesirable event (‘scenario’). The risk is determined and evaluated with respect to independent layers of protection. A conclusion may be that additional risk reduction is required. This additional risk reduction can be achieved, among other things, by means of instrumental protections with a certain SIL level (for example SIL 2).

It is obvious to also assess the risks of the identified scenarios during a HAZOP study. This determines the need for (further) security and the necessary reliability. That is why the HAZOP is often combined with LOPA.

Design safeguards – Specify Safety Requirements

If it is clear from a risk analysis which additional risk reduction is required, then a safeguard should be designed. If this concerns an instrumental protection which must comply with the SIL standards (IEC-61508/61511), it is important to start with the preparation of the Safety Requirement Specifications (SRS). This document specifies what the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) must do (the Safety Instrumented Function (SIF)), against which scenario the security protects, which requirements the Safety Instrumented System must meet, how the safeguard is built (sensors, final elements etc.), how it can be tested, etc. A SRS is a multidisciplinary document that can ultimately be used by the Instrument / Control Engineer to design a Safety Instrumented System.

Consiltant BV can assist in the preparation of SRS documents and provides the necessary template for this.

SIL design verification

Consiltant BV regularly performs, as an independent party, SIL design verifications at various clients. The reliability of instrumental safeguards is tested here. For every single SIL 1/2/3 or 4 protection, a SIL verification must be carried out in accordance with IEC 61511 and IEC 61508 standards . A clearly described SRS document is often the starting point.

SIF validation

A SIF is a Safety Instrumented Function, or an instrumental safeguard. In the case of SIF validation, the goal is to ensure that the desired safety has been realized. It must be demonstrable that safeguards have been realized in accordance with the principles and requirements, whereby reference can be made to the SRS and the SIL design verification. Furthermore, the quality of the test procedures and the competence of personnel is very important

Test PLC application software

An important part of the SIF validation is to ensure that the PLC is correctly programmed. This can be done, for example, during a FAT of the PLC system.

Consiltant BV has developed a method to test the PLC application software by means of a simulation system. The simulation system consists of a PLC system and a simulation panel equipped with switches and lights. The switches and lights simulate process inputs and outputs, such as sensors, push buttons, overrides, alarms, motors, valves, etc.

Functional Safety Management System

If you apply safety instrumented systems in your installation that have to comply with the SIL standards ( IEC-61508/61511 ) then it is necessary to have a functional safety management system. This describes, among other things, processes, systems and procedures that are used in the design, realization and maintenance of instrumental protections. But also the competence of the personnel involved is very important.

Consiltant BV can support you with the implementation of a Functional Safety management system.

Other process safety services

In addition to the mentioned examples above, Consiltant BV can also be of service to you in other matters concerning process safety. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.