Ensure safety

Life is a risky business. We are forced daily to take risks. In the community and society. The relationships we start. On our way to the next destination. The lifestyle we choose. It is good to be aware of serious threats.

Great dangers can be found in industry. Toxic substances escape. Large, uncontrolled forces are released. Nuclear radiation. Entrapment by moving parts of machinery. Especially in the last 30 years people have worked intensively on international regulations. e.g. SIL standards.

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About us

Consiltant BV is a small independent Process Safety Consultancy office.

Assignments are carried out for the chemical industry, oil & gas industry, food industry and the energy supply industry. At home and abroad. This consists of several HAZOP– and LOPA-studies, SIL classifications, SIL verifications, SIF validations, FMEA studies, PLC-simulations and several (open registration and in-house) process safety training courses.

Herman Jansen is a senior proces safety consultant and a TÜV Certified Functional Safety Expert. In addition he is teacher of the HVK educations of PHOV and Kader BV and a member of the NEN SIL platform.

Process safety consultant Jeroen Mijnarends-Jansen is a TÜV Certified Functional Safety Engineer and Certified Chemical Safety Expert. Jeroen has a background as a process engineer.

Linda Peters is the office manager.

The Functional Safety Management System of Consiltant BV is certified in 2019 by Dekra (SIL 4).


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