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SIS maintenance management system


SIS maintenance system - Safety function overview
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When safety critical functions (SIL safeguards and/or process safety interlocks) are applied within a process facility, it is needed that these safety functions are properly maintained. A maintenance management system is needed (also described in IEC 61511). For example to plan periodical calibrations and proof tests. The maintenance engineer may write down the test results in a book or Word document. A more sophisticated system may be developed (e.g. using SAP). But the SIS maintenance management system of Consiltant BV can be used as well.

The SIS maintenance system of Consiltant

Consiltant BV has developed a simple Excel based SIS maintenance system. Using this system, the user can create a clear overview of the status of all the safety functions.

The following topics are included:

  • Provide an overview of all safety functions within the process facility;
  • Provide insight into the structure of each safety function;
    • Brand and type of components;
    • Set ranges (pressure, temperature, etc.);
    • Trip point;
    • Other specific topics related to the safety function components.
  • Provide insight into the current status of each safety function;
    • Date of last proof test;
    • Date for which the next proof test or calibration must be carried out;
    • Proof test results;
    • Any overrides active;
    • Lifetime of components;
    • Maintenance history.

Download SIS maintenance system

Download the SIS maintenance management system of Consiltant BV (Excel format):